The Smart Fan's Shirt

Sometimes it's good to wear something a bit smarter than the replica shirt but still wish to show your allegiance.
A smarter way to wear your club's colours when the team kit may not be appropriate!
- Any body, collar, cuff combination available.
- Separate body and arm combination possible (E.g Arsenal, Sheffield Wednesday).
- Half body available (E.g. Blackburn Rovers, The Gas).
- Subtle embroidery on arm or body to highlight your team (Post Code, year founded etc).
Subtle Embroidery - On arm, breast or front. Highlight your team's flag, home, year or nickname.
- Various collar options. See photo below.
DM to purchase or discuss your design.  Collection or Delivery in 14 days.

Some Example Designs and Teams 

Colours: White with Navy Blue trim. 
Team: England naturally!
Suggested Embroidery:
St George's Cross and Gold Star on arms.


Colours: Navy Blue with white trim. Team: Scotland.
Suggested Embroidery:
Tartan Army. 

Colours: Sky Blue with White trim. Team: Manchester City.
Suggested Embroidery:
Since 1887.

Colours: Red with white trim. Team: Manchester United.
Suggested Embroidery: M16 

Colours: Royal Blue with white trim. Team: Chelsea.

Colours: Blue with white trim. Team: Leicester City.

Colours: White with navy blue trim. Team: Tottenham Hotspur.

Colours: Navy Blue with white trim. Team: Arsenal.

Colours: Navy Blue with white trim. Team: Wolves.

Colours: White with black trim. Team: Fulham.
Suggested Embroidery: SW6

Colours: Yellow with green trim. Team: Norwich.

Colours: Blue and white halves.
Team: Blackburn Rovers.
Suggested Embroidery: Since 1875.

Colours: Navy Blue with white trim. Team: Dundee.


Choose your club's colours and we will do the rest!
Contact us to design your shirt.
We will find a suitable design for every club!

Embroidery & Collars

Get creative an choose your favourite collar and bespoke emroidery for your Smart Fan's Shirt!